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Technical details

All our record cuts follow the same process: first, we analyze your music, and make any necessary adjustments, such as matching loudness, correcting stereo image and so on. If there is more than one track per side, we will do a montage of all the music to a single master file. By observing the duration and particularities of this file, we decide on the best settings for speed, peak loudness and groove pitch.

Each record is cut individually using a German made Souri’s Automaten T-560 cutting lathe. The actual cut is done in real time. The digital master file is played through a high quality DAC, and the music is sent to a cutter head that vibrates a sharp diamond stylus.

As the record spins, the cutter head advances, and a spiral groove is created. At the same time, the movements of the stylus carve the waveforms of the sound onto the spiral, which can then be played back on any conventional turntable system.

This is all performed in real time, and that’s the reason why each record is unique.

Although we usually work from digital master files, it may be possible to cut from analogue media or even capture a live performance straight to vinyl. Contact us if you have a special request.